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warrington peter jones
kincumber, nsw, Australia   AUS
hi to all mini people,
I have a1968 Morris mini body only and have last weekend purchased a 1971 Leyland mini with the intention of transferring most of the mechanicals over to the older car, just a few facts ...I usually restore MGB's and other cars but have never dabbled...until now with the mini world so as the mini is a completely different design I am back to being a learner, I dont know much about mini's so my first question is ....the gearshift is of the ...I believe.. extended type that is the gearstick is far back from the earlier type of gearshift, when removing the engine and gearbox as against taking the subframe and engine together how is that extension removed ? there does not seem to be much on the internet specifically mentioning this part..can the engine/gearbox as a whole be taken out without disturbing the gearshift extension, I will very much appreciate any advice and if anyone can put up some pictures it would really help, once I get more involved in this project I will learn more as you can't beat hands on experience. thank you

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Simon Austin Avatar

Like you I'm new to the world of Mini's after having dealt with MGB's for a number of years.

The shifter you have is known as the "rod-type". I have the same on the '74 I'm working on.

It is attached to the gearbox by a coupler. It looks like this:

It uses two spring pins through those holes shown to attach to the rod and to the gearbox fitting.

Getting those pins out with a drift can be troublesome if they've never been removed.

If you want to remove the entire shifter, the other end is attached to the car by bolts through the tunnel.

Hope this helps.

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