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BEWARE!!! Alfredo Morales in Miami Florida

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Miniminis Kevin W
Centerville, OH, USA   USA
This guy Alfredo Morales of Miami Florida had a 998 engine and auto transmission for sale on Ebay and I purchased it for $2000.00 and he claimed the engine and transmission had been rebuilt. I believed him because through the years I learned to trust Mini owners and thought he was trustworthy. I had left praise on Ebay for his expediency in getting it shipped. BIG MISTAKE!!! I also paid him $100.00 for packaging and delivery to a trucking depot. I paid the depot $200.00 for delivery. I had now $2300.00 invested. A few weeks later when I was getting ready to install it when I noticed some badly masked off areas on the silver colored transmission case and the red paint there. I immediately knew that no one would put together a combo without painting each one separately. After examining the whole package I noticed some cheap , thin washers of various sizes under the head stud nuts. Being even more suspicious I ran a flexscope in the spark plug holes and saw oily build up of carbon on the pistons and a heavy carbon ridge on the upper cylinders. I then took it upon myself to remove the head and examine the cylinders closely. I then fully realized he had lied about the rebuild. I tried to reason with him about what I found but he insisted fervently that it was rebuilt. I had two prime members from our Mini club who raced and rebuilt engines to examine the evidence and they both agreed in less the a minute that Gonzales had lied. I contact Ebay in the resolution center and wrote a lengthy complaint. He answered the complant with more ridiculous lies.The case is now in the investigative mode and they asked for photos which I have.

I hope you who read this and know this unscrupulous cad remind him of the damage he has done to himself and please think about what he pulled on me and don't do business with him.

UPDATE!! 3/24/14 I have been rewarded a full refund from Ebay incuding all money invested that I had previously lost. Hooray Ebay!!!

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Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
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Thanks for the warning Kevin... if anyone Google's this guy's name, this is sure to come up.


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Miniminis Kevin W
Centerville, OH, USA   USA
I might add this Youtube to his list of falsehoods. This is the same engine but stripped of all it's bolt on items when I received it. Pay Pal did retrieve my investment of $2300.00. See video:

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TukwilaMGB Silver Member Roger B
Tukwila, WA, USA   USA
Sweet little engine test stand Kevin

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