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Old enough to know better, too old to change now.

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1974 MG MGB GT White Kenmore David Maples

1974 MG MGB GT

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 10,995 mi (17,695 km) — Average age: 1974
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Next Phase

Posted on: Tuesday July 26, 2011

Engine: Added a VP12 cam & new lifters. Upped the compression to 9.35. Swapped to early HS4 carbs. Engine compartment: Replaced fuel pump w/electronic pump. Added fuel regulator. Added relays for headlights, heater fan, horn (upgraded aftermarket horn LOUD). Suspension: added rear sway bar to compliment the 7/8" front sway bar.

Pics Of Engine On Stand

Posted on: Tuesday May 23, 2006

Ready to install

Ready to go in.

Engine (& Other) Changes

Posted on: Monday May 22, 2006

Alloy Minators

My intended use for this car is touring, like it was built for. So, I swapped the stock engine/4speed with '74 18V engine/Sierra 5speed. This engine has been warmed up a bit. P/P head, modded HIFs w/K&N filters, Aldon Distributor, JetHot exhaust, Pertronix, stock compression, stock cam. Replaced the suspension bushings with Prothane. Installed Minator rims. I get 33mpg on the interstate. My kids gave me a 13" steering wheel for Christmas. I gave myself a GEM steering column bushing and put them ...

Intro White Gt

Posted on: Monday August 8, 2005

engine at purchase

Purchased the GT from L. Kiehna and have enjoyed it. The next several entrys will be about the car "since purchase". Status at purchase was a previous restoration with some mileage. The owner prior to L. Kiehna had restored the car and had done well at shows with it. He crunched the PS front fender fairly hard. L. Kiehna bought it and repaired the fender and paint and installed a modern radio. Status when purchased by me: stock 18V engine with 4 speed tranny, the air pump was gone, aftermarke...

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