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I was born and raised in England where I trained as mechanic so the older british cars are right up my alley. Although I have not worked in the Car trade for over 30 years as I progress it is all starting to come back to me. I have always liked the MG's and it is great to finally own one. I am enjoying the challenges of restoring the vehicle back to almost original condition, I am looking to have a good driving MG and if that means compromise on originality then that is fine. I have now moved to Vancouver Island and am really looking forward to year yound driving and the ability to work on the vehicle over the winter without freezing my lug nuts off.

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V6 Swap 45

Posted on: Saturday November 1, 2014

20141101 00348

OK after much consternation I believe I have all the issues finally fixed, The shop managed to fix the majority of the sensor issues, apparently just dirty connections and one ground that was loose…..doh! So with that done went for a run and the car definitely ran smoother and stronger but the trouble light was on again. Hooked up the computer and found a code 44 lean but also it would glitch and 15-20 more codes flashed on then off again. 44lean refers to the O2 sensors and as these were the ...

V6 Swap 44

Posted on: Monday October 13, 2014

Sept 13 2014 tow home

2nd test drive and we hit a problem. Drove up to Deep Bay which is 74km up the coast, car ran quite well, lots of power but just not 100% smooth and the trouble light came on after a few km. On the return trip even though the trouble light was on car continued to drive well if not 100% smooth until we were almost back in to Nanaimo and we just lost power and it shut down. Result was a tow home. I sent off and finally received the correct cable and program to scan the engine for trouble codes,...

V6 Swap 43

Posted on: Sunday September 7, 2014

pulling out

Went for a start up for the first time and, 2 seconds later it burst into life, ran well and smooth so did the cam break in, immediately noticed a couple of issue. 1. Fuel leak around the swirl tank (found it was leaking at the top of the tank, the gasket which was cork was just oozing fuel so took it apart and replaced with a rubber gasket and bingo fixed, no leak) 2. Radiator fan did not kick on via the ECU (bypassed to a manual switch for now.) 3. Check engine light on all the time, (wi...

V6 Swap 42

Posted on: Monday September 1, 2014

Oil pump primer tool

Well today saw a couple of successes followed by a fail. Success came with the starter motor, I decided to install the starter and watch what happens from underneath to see if I could identify exactly what was going wrong. Firstly I hooked up a push button to activate the starter from below and got everything bolted up ready to go. So with a good light in place I watched and pressed the button, well what do you know it turned the engine no problem at all. I really don’t know what the issue wa...

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