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I've been in the automotive aftermarket for 27 years, catering primarily to Porsches. As a boy I had a 1971 GT-6 Mk III when it was new. I loved that car but always wondered what a GT-6 convertible would be like. Well, now I have one!

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1973 Triumph GT6 MkIII Maroon Dark Red Bob Coker

1973 Triumph GT6 MkIII
"Spit-6 Or Dr. Frankenstein"

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 56,000 mi (90,123 km) — Average age: 1973

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Splitting The Diff.

Posted on: Friday April 20, 2012

Back half The drain is just visible sticking ou

Removing the diff was not a difficult chore but was time-consuming, taking all morning and into the early afternoon. The car is still on 6 jackstands since I previously removed the transmission. I marked the unions between the propshaft and trans before removing the trans, so I did the same with the propshaft at the diff to insure correct balance upon re-assembly. Following instructions in the manuals I have, it was a matter of removing the outer axles, the transverse spring (unbolt at top an...

Demo'd Trans

Posted on: Friday March 16, 2012

Trans coming out

I have related in the forum how a needle bearing in the Trans exploded and sent little steel cylinders all over the trans, locking all gears except 3rd. More precisely, I should say that 3rd gear is locked into place and not even neutral is accessible. Managing a 15 mile trip home, God was kind and delivered me home with NO stoplights! Up on jackstands, the exhaust and prop shaft were removed and the engine was (and remains) supported on the jack with a large, flat 1"x6". After removing...

Rear Spring Refurbish

Posted on: Thursday November 17, 2011

Metal on metal No extant rubber insulator bushin

About a year ago (Could it have been longer?), Brian Dougherty (rhitee93) was kind enough to make a set of Teflon "Button" bushings for my transverse leaf spring. Some time ago I rebuilt the right rear wheel bearings and had a look at the spring, noticing that the leaves were quite compressed and seemed to have mashed the OE rubber bushes. Well the other day I decided it was time to remove the spring and refresh the bushings with those that Brian made for me. I never really had a compla...

Oil Pressure Gauge

Posted on: Thursday October 14, 2010

Oil Pressure gauge mounted between Fuel Temp gau

With the car completely apart, I decided to add an oil pressure gauge so that I might keep an eye on that critical function. James Paddock, Ltd. in the UK had the best price on a mechanical Smiths gauge kit (about $75 US) so I added that to an order I placed. The kit included the gauge, capillary tubing, and a "Tee" adapter. The brass Tee simply screwed into the block where the OE sender for the idiot light installs and provides a threaded hole for both the sender and the hose that goes t...

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