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268 registry entries.
Avg model year: 1985
Avg mileage: 61,694

Fun Stats – If you added up the totals for all vehicles in this registry, you could... Drive around the world 467 times · Make 24.28 round trips to the moon · Travel 1.97% of the way to Jupiter
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1965 Mini Moke

#1 1965 Mini Moke
Owner: Peter Braun USA
1 member(s) voted.
Total Score: 10.0
1966 Riley Elf

#2 1966 Riley Elf
Owner: James Andrews AUS
1 member(s) voted.
Total Score: 10.0
1970 Morris Mini Traveller

#3 1970 Morris Mini Traveller
Owner: James Gray GBR
1 member(s) voted.
Total Score: 7.0

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