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Suspension Question on my 1977 Leyland Mini 1000

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kawhitey Avatar
kawhitey Ken White
The Villages, Florida, USA   USA
I'm a relative new owner of a Mini with solid suspension and shocks. I've been looking through
my manuals to help with a small problem I have but would like to mine the information out there
in the forum.

My problem is that the Mini suspension is about one (1) inch lower on the driver's side (right).
I've jacked the car up and looked at geometry and see nothing suspicious. The cones while old
look to be OK. However, the shocks on the right side are one (1) inch shorter, i.e. less extended.
What I don't understand is just what sets the ride height. I mean, in my Riley, I could just adjust
the hydrolastic by pumping a given side to specification height.

Is there something simple here that I'm missing? The 'lean' is somewhat noticeable and would like
to correct it.

Thanks for any help.

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Heritage Garage Graham Reid
Costa Mesa, California, USA   USA
This is a common problem. The rubber cone is the spring and they have styled over time. We offer a replacement metal spring kit that offers a much improved ride quality. If you are on a budget we also have an adjustable strut kit that replaces the alloy trumpet and lets you adjust ride height.

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